Our girlfriends day!!!! So much theraputic.....desperately needed !!!!! It helps recharge me so I can function for a little while longer. These ladies are the best around and I love and appreciate them.
This was taken after one of our exstensive shopping trips...
Don't we look so beautiful? It took us hours to dress for this photo shoot. But it was so worth the wait don't ya think?

Sad sad day!

Yesterday was a very sad day. My son Robbie had to put Nip, one of his horses down. It was really sad to watch him hookup his horse trailer to take Nip on his final ride. He was very old and going down hill really fast. Nip is the horse that Rob used when he won his truck. It was really hard on him to have to put him down. A lot of tears were shed by all. Nip was a great horse and a very good looking horse.
One of my dearest friends lost her battle with breast cancer last night. My heart is breaking because of loosing my dear friend. But I know I will see and be with her again. I love you Lori and will always remember the fun we had . Like sluffing school and going to St. George to chase the college boys. Those were the days. Rest in peace my friend, and may Heavenly Father keep your family in his care. I will miss your laugh and the way you made me laugh, what a talent you had, I just wish you could have painted the picture of my son, his horses and truck like you wanted to. I would have treasured it amoung my most treasured things. I will truely miss you.
Love ya!

Ok, I decided that my blog was way too depressing. So I have decided to start a new and more upbeat blog. This is my goal........that and loosing 30 lbs. But how better can it be to have a brand new baby grandson. Briggs McCoy Innis. He is now 2 1/2 months old, and the cutest baby around. With a full head of very dark brown / black hair! He is such a lover......and loves his granma most of all.